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InstallShield Course Help

Here are some frequently-asked questions.

Q: Can you tell me about the different license types for the training courses?

A: You can learn about the license types by reading this document:   Click Here

Q: Are the videos in the training courses just like the samples on YouTube and your website?   If so, they aren't very sharp.

A: The videos on YouTube and on my website are just samples and are not the same quality as in the training courses.  I guarantee if you buy a course that the video and audio quality will be very high on your computer  That is provided you play them on a display that has a resolution higher than 1024x768, which is the recorded dimensions of the videos.

Q: When I play the videos on my computer, they don't look sharp and the quality is bad.

A: The videos were recorded at 1024x768 and you must play them back on a higher resolution than that.  This can really be a factor on laptops.  Just remember to set your video resolution to something greater than 1024x768.

Q: How does the USB Stick work with the course?

A: The course USB Stick must be plugged into a USB port in order for you to run the Launch program and view the movies.  You can install the course on more than one machine.  However, the course will only run on the machine that the USB Stick is plugged into.  Also, do not use the USB Stick for your own personal files.  There are files on it that need to be in place in order for the course to run.  An accidental deletion of those files would disable the course completely.

Q: When I plug the USB Stick into a port, this dialog is displayed.  What should I do?


A: This dialog displays on certain Windows systems.  You may not see the Volume label listed as Wavepoint on your system.  However, you will see the Volume label of the USB Stick (flash drive) that you have.

Choosing either option seems to not cause any problems.

Q: When I try to run the Launch program, I get the error message below. What should I do?.


A: This dialog generally displays when you don't have Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed on your system.   Install .NET 2.0 and this should go away.
I have since changed the installation programs for all courses to install .NET 2.0 if it is not already on the system.  However, your version probably doesn't have the change.